All you need to know about our plans for $FLUFFI ecosystem

Q3 2022

  • Fluffy Inu conceptualisation
  • Fluffy Tunes & Fluffy Playground conceptualisation
  • NFT characters concept art and draft
  • Website and utility platform APP UI v1
  • Fluffy Inu staking mechanics and token release calculation
  • Woofpaper creation
  • Logo creation V1 model
  • Fluffy Inu Economy & Tokenomics feasibility test
  • Account creation for SocMed platforms
  • Fluffy Wallet conceptualisation
  • Fluffy Ville conceptualisation

Q4 2022

  • Fluffy Tunes (watch2earn) development
  • Fluffy Playground development
  • Start of marketing campaign across social media platforms
  • $FLUFFI community contest
  • Website and staking platform UI v2
  • Seed A whitelist contest
  • Seed Sale A
  • AMA sessions with popular entities
  • Seed B whitelist contest
  • Seed Sale B
  • Fluffy Tunes, bug finding contest with seed A investors
  • Fluffy Playground, bug finding contest with seed B investors
  • AMA runs with big Telegram channels
  • $FLUFFI IDO whitelist contest
  • $FLUFFI Presale round
  • Implementation of $FLUFFI status dashboard (burn, reflection, liquidity and current cycle)
  • Listing on popular CEX/DEX defi platforms
  • Marketing campaign - exposure through news articles and blogs
  • NFT marketplace partnership

Q1 2023

  • Fluffy Wallet development
  • Fluffy Ville development
  • Fluffy Space Exploration conceptualisation
  • More CEX listings
  • Partnerships expansion