How $FLUFFI operates as a closed loop hyper deflationary platform through Blockchain
The $FLUFFI economy is designed as a closed loop hyper deflationary model which maintains returns for participants from both Fluffy Playground and Fluffy Tunes all in controlling the price of the $FLUFFI token by balancing the distribution from the rewards pool.
A large portion (80%) of the subscription, minting, ad impressions and star button's fee will be allocated back to rewards pool for it's sustainability and fair distribution for active participants from the community. While all these projects are in placed, the token function will be more aggressive and will surely benefits those who just hold the tokens from long term. The community will be able to participate on these projects by using $FLUFFI as the main currency to mint NFTs or to purchase subscriptions and ad impressions.

$FLUFFI = BNB rewards oracle

In Fluffy Inu, we have developed an innovative auto-swap system in order to keep your rewards stable. When you participate in the platforms, your rewards will be given as BNB. You can claim your rewards anytime and our in-platform system will auto-swap it into $FLUFFI at that exact moment.

Why is this auto-swap important?

Well, many P2E games have a huge problem with keeping rewards value stable. One day your token rewards might be worth $3000 when the chart is good but few moments later when the chart drops, your tokens might be worth $500.
Here in Fluffy Inu, we maintain your rewards value to BNB so that whenever you wish to claim your rewards, you will always be paid in $FLUFFI based on your BNB value. This is excellent for the durability and economy since participants will feel safe investing for long term.
Last modified 8mo ago