Fluffy Tunes

Fluffy Tunes is using a full fledged Oracle system to make the platform sustainable and fair for both participants and promoters.
Fluffy Tunes Video Intro
What is an oracle based system? It's a system which uses a series of mathematical formulae embedded into the platform's smartcontract so as to maintain and fix the prices of subscriptions and ad impressions.
All the prices you see in the platform are based on the price of BNB.
We also base all rewards in BNB. You decide when to claim and swap them into $FLUFFI.

How It works

Fluffy Tunes is a watch and earn platform that pays you $FLUFFI for your attention when you watch promotional videos in crypto space that are targeted to you. It's a very simple and unique platform where both participants and advertisers can utilise. Click For Pitch Deck​

Star Button

Fluffy Tunes will also offer a star button where promoters just need to spend little bit more to have their project get highlighted somewhere inside the platform where all participants will be able to see. Once clicked, viewers will get brought to another tab where it will show them what the promoters would want them to be placed.
Limited to the following: Website Dextools and Poocoin (chart) Telegram Group or Channel Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and the likes)
80% of the proceedings will automatically get added to the rewards pool of Fluffy Tunes


$FLUFFI holders will have an option to earn more by participating in Fluffy Tunes. Unlike yield farming, the participants are not required to mint NFTs but they will be able to choose what subscription suits them based on $FLUFFI they hold and willing to spend to the platform.
Given various type of subscriptions, participants would still get their ROI in just 24 to 25 days with the help of earning balancing of Oracle.

Subscription Cost Table

Subscriptions duration is only valid for 60 days upon renewal. This is to make sure the fairness, balance and sustainability of the rewards allocation. This is just not just for participants but also for the longevity of Fluffy Inu and for It's upcoming investors.
For example:
Joe did upgrade from free trial to Ultimate plan. He paid 2.75 BNB worth of $FLUFFI. His subscription will last for 60 days and will earn 0.0026 BNB per video. His max daily allocation is 44 paid videos. The only thing he needs to do is to watch it one by one for 40 seconds.
44 paid videos x 0.0026 = 0.1144 BNB (daily earnings) 0.1144 BNB x 7 days = 0.80 BNB (weekly earnings) 0.1144 BNB x 30 days = 3.43 BNB (monthly earnings) 0.1144 BNB x 60 days = 6.86 BNB (60 days earnings)
Pointers: Joe initially invested 2.75 BNB and managed to get his ROI on the 24th day (0.1144 BNB x 24 days = 2.75 BNB). Joe can now enjoy the earnings from the 25th until the subscription ends on the 60th day. His total net profit would be 4.14 BNB which is 150% higher than his original investment.

Free Trial

Fluffy Tunes automatically offers 10-days free trial to each participant for them to test how efficient and easy to make money using the platform. All you have to do is to connect your crypto wallet.
Please make sure that your network is set to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Rewards will get automatically credited after a successful watch of each videos for minimum of fourty (40) seconds. Participants can withdraw their rewards once every two (2) weeks from the time of the claim. Minimum withdrawal amount - 0.09 BNB